ordinary people can do things (accent on the “do”)

My friend recently shared  blog post with me.  I skimmed it and didn’t watch the hour-long interview (that both she and blog recommend), but I guess the general gist is Jay-Z and Warren Buffet are out there doing some amazing things.  Pretty awesome.  (Also, who would have thought Jay-Z and Warren Buffet would be sitting side by side giving an interview?)

That post reminded me of a Marketplace interview I had heard a few weeks back.  It was with an Oxford professor named Tony Ord who decided to donate $1 million dollars over the course of his life.  He’s currently living on around $27K a year and has a website to encourage other ordinary people in these philanthropic ventures.

What inspires me about people like Toby Ord or William Crouch (another Oxfordian who is donating a third of his $25K/year income) is that they are incredibly normal.

Don't they look normal to you?

Granted, they’re not poor, but they’re not Zuckerberg or Gates.  I think as comfortable Middle-Classers, we can get used to a modest but selfish lifestyle… although I am definitely not making enough to qualify for middle class right now, I can say that with my abilities, education, etc, I am not suffering and probably will never suffer for economic reasons – at least not any more than the next man or woman.  Anyway, examples like these remind me not to be complacent!  You should think over this too!


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