Why reading the ending of A Lesson Before Dying while listening to Muse is not a good idea.

I’m teaching A Lesson Before Dying for a MS book club.  I remember reading this before in high school.  It was a book that someone had read for their “OutSideReading book” (OSR).  For some reason, a bunch of us then read it on our own.  I remember liking it, but not remembering why.

This second time around, I think I care more.  Not that I didn’t care when I was younger, but when you’re in the position to figure out what you’re going to focus on and what you’re going to pinpoint, the care is different.  There are some massive passages here that I want them to understand.  By “them” I mean those little Asian kids, smart, probably over-privileged, snarky, but sweet.

As I read the ending, I’m listening to Muse’s Absolution album.  Talk of giving your life a hefty soundtrack!  The emotions poured in through my ears and out my eyes and nose.  I’m done. I feel cathartic.  I guess.

Mr. Grant Wiggins, my dear autodiegetic narrator, through your performative utterances, “I was crying” (256) too.


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