When I think about love…

I’m not at the point yet where Valentine’s Day holds its stereotypical meaning, and if anything, I look forward more to February 15th where beautifully wrapped and shaped chocolates are half off.  But I wanted to draw your attention to the idea of love that goes beyond just the type that gratifies yourself (a selfish love, I’d opine). 

After becoming a Christian, justice began to make sense.  Charity (in the full sense of that word), was a means to the greater Caritas displayed by Jesus Christ’s voluntary, finished work for us on the cross.  And because of this, I have life, and it life is an issue for which I care deeply.

So in celebration of love and life, I wanted to post this excerpt from John Piper that I found on abort73.com.  I hope you read, think, and ponder the claim that abortion is not simply an elimination of cells, it is the premature ending of a currently voiceless life.  Thus abortion has nothing to do with love and should not be the result of an act of love either.

Justice is God’s creation. Honesty is God’s design. Integrity is the work of God – even in unbelievers – just like their head and heart and hands and feet are his work…The honesty and justice of unbelievers is like a seashell washed up on the beach. There’s no life in it. But it does have a kind of beauty…Since the partial external conformity of unbelievers to God’s designs of justice and honesty does in one way delight the heart of God, it was right for William Wilberforce to devote twenty years of his life in Parliament to the abolition of English slave trading, even though the great majority of those merchants who gave up the trade did it under constraint and not for any holy reasons at all. It was the work of God’s grace that rid England of the barbarisms of the African slave trade. And therefore the Lord looked down with delight on February 22, 1807, when the House of Commons passed the decisive bill. The same will be true when persevering pro-life forces bring an end to wanton, legalized child-killing in America….My prayer is that the truth of God’s pleasure in public justice will inspire many in our day to take up the mantle of William Wilberforce and wear it into battle against the manifold injustices of our day.

Pleasures of God, 263 (bolded emphasis mine – Junia)

Speak for the Weak | Abort73.com

Abort73.com: Abortion Unfiltered


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