Weak-End Wisdom #1: Go for the undergrad gold

The beginning of my weekend tidbit-of-wisdom-or-tip-or-story series to make your life that much better.

[Scene/Setting:  Getting snacks after Bible study the Thursday before my UCLA interview, having a light conversation with my pastor (semi-doctored since I don’t remember it verbatim).]

Me: I’ll be going down for my UCLA interview this weekend!

PJ: Good for you!

Me: Thanks, but it’s actually mandatory for all applicants so it’s not that special.  I did get an interview for Cal though, and I wasn’t expecting that.

PJ: Well, you’re a smart cookie.  I’m sure you can do it.

Me: Uh PJ, I believed you when you said ‘Cs get degrees.’  I totally went by that!

[awkward chuckles all around, fade to black]

The point? My GPA stinks.  Yeah yeah, there’s all that stuff about it’s not just your GPA and scores, which is true, but honestly, what do you think a liberal arts degree report card of all borderline grades says?  It says… slacker.  And yes, Cs do get you degrees, and because I went into college planning to never pursue further education, I did fulfill my goal of graduating and cramming in as many (fun) experiences as I could.

Would it have been difficult to get a higher GPA though and still have a fun time?  No! And that’s what kills me.  I could have been a bit wiser about this.  So even if you think your GPA doesn’t matter, go for the undergrad gold– get to know your professors, work with your classmates, use your college resources.

Let me close with a little anecdote. My friend came into college pre-med.  She kept her grades up, did applicable extra-curriculars, and later chose not to pursue pre-med.  Did her grades go to waste?  Should she regret all those hours she put into her lab internships and jobs? No!  Despite graduating a semester early, in this horrendous economy, while other graduates have been job searching for months, my friend scored a full-time job at the location she wanted.  See?  In this era, that extra oom-pa-pa is almost mandatory!

And lastly, it’s biblical! “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,” Colossians 3:23.


2 responses to “Weak-End Wisdom #1: Go for the undergrad gold

  1. this reminds me when i talked to those 3 chinese architecture students and they were so amazed i went to mit and then were like !? when they knew about my gpa (i can’t believe they had the audacity to ask me too!). HAHA. they expected that i had like a 4.5…

    statement of purpose, recs, and work experience ftw!

  2. I didn’t know you had another blog.. lol

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