International World Water Day

I have some pretty cool friends.  They are rather accomplished – burgeoning engineers, urban planners, various health-related specialists, educators, and entrepreneurs.  Many of them have pursued further schoolings or are currently working in their major-related jobs.  The biggest blessing, though, is that they think in terms of eternity.  It encourages me that when we joke around about our futures, we don’t talk of owning adjacent cabins in Tahoe, but we plan on practically impacting the world for Christ.  In college, we’d eagerly swap ideas of going to a developing country: someone would work in the government, someone would work with water, someone would start a school, someone would preach, someone would be the financial backer.

The coolest part however is that this could be a reality.  My friends are actively pursuing fields that can open doors for working in developing countries should the opportunity present itself.  And how awesome is it that by being able to meet physical needs, we can open doors to sharing news about spiritual needs?

Speaking of physical needs, today is International World Water Day.  Yesterday, at 11:15 pm PST, I found out that 98% of the deaths that occur from unclean water (3.5 million people a year) occur in developing countries.*  (I also found out that it was International World Water Day around that time too.)

Were you aware?  I wasn’t.  But we can educate ourselves now, can’t we?



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