A conversation between “C” and I

A while back, on my post about boys and reading, I mentioned working at College Track.  I truly enjoy it, thanks to the people I work with (especially my boss), and just the ideas and goals that this place has.

It’s been an interesting ride.  This semester J and I co-led a writing seminar.  It failed in one very real sense.  Although I had great ideas (tried and true) in the area of analytical writing and J pulled more than her weight in the creative side, we had a difficult time motivating the students.  In fact, the class trickled down in size to two boys, one of whom (C) I had to physically drag into the class.  I could go into lengthy explanations to show that this sad reality wasn’t our fault, but that’s not the point.

The point is that although we ultimately chose to prematurely end this writing seminar, all was not fail.  I’ll let the following conversation speak for itself.

Cast of Characters
Me:  Tutor, failed writing instructor
C: sophomore, latino, soccer fanatic.  has difficult concentrating, sometimes ignores me (too cool for school), only laughs when I say ridiculous, self-deprecating or self-promoting things, hormones raging (especially when a certain flirty girl comes into the picture)

Scene:  A few minutes before the first session starts, as I sit quietly at my tutoring table, reading.  C walks in nonchalantly.

C: Hi
Me: (surprised) oh Hi! (beat) What’s up?
C: Nothing, just saying hi.
Me: Well, thank you.
(I sit awkwardly and look up as C shyly smiles and ambles back out the door)
C: See, I do care about you, and you say I don’t.
(I don’t get a chance to respond; both surprised and touched.  Take out my notepad and write the conversation down to share with you all)

Fade to black.

Do you see now why our class wasn’t a total fail?


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