Oh Kindle, when do you plan on becoming free?

So my quest for an e-reader continues.  I actually had the opportunity to buy a simple B&N Nook today, but my dad told me go for the Kindle, since you can’t read Amazon books on the Nook.  My elementary research corroborated his point.

Coinkidinkily, I also found out today (on the NYTimes) that Amazon is shaving off yet another $25 its lowest priced Kindle.  Yet on this “Kindle with Special Offers”, instead of screen savers and such, they’ll be placing ads.  Ads will also be on the main pages, but they will not actually affect the e-books themselves.  (How sucky would that be?  Imagine getting really engrossed in the climax of The Hound of the Baskervilles and having an ad for liposuction popping up on the next page!)  Anyway, all jesting aside, this sounds pretty good!  But only $25 off, Amazon?

Come on, when will you be free?  It’s been at least a year since such ideas were proposed!  Amazon should give away their Kindles to propel the sales of high-cost e-books!

The handheld razor is priced cheap—so they can sell you the high-profit blades. Many cell phones come free of charge, so long as you sign a two-year carrier contract. Amazon could do the same with the Kindle: Start a new book club, and give away the Kindle in exchange for buying a $20 book each month for two years. (Dennis Kneale, CNBC)

I’d totally do that.  I’ve been itching to buff up my book collection (ever since I went off to college, many of my classics have disappeared!), but I realized I don’t have space anymore…  Amazon, if you gave me a Kindle for free, I’d buy a lot of books!  Or, you could offer the Kindle for Amazon Prime users!  Oh!  You could even produce a Kindle Duo with books on one side and an LCD color monitor on the other side upon which I could watch the free movies that you stream for Prime users!  Amazon, what wonders you could open for this media-crazed society (of which I am a semi-reluctant member)!


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