Fun Facts about my Fifty-Something year old :)

I was trying to alliterate, but this title may have just come across as disrespectful.  Ha!

Spring 2010 - She visits me in Taipei!

Today my mom turned fifty-something, and in tribute to her, yet staying with the spirit of my “ed blog”, I’m going to include some fun ed-related facts about my mother!

  1. Her mother loved going to school but was forced to drop out when she, her sister, and her stepmother escaped from North Korea.
  2. As a result, my mother was encouraged to do the exact opposite; schoolwork rather than housework.
  3. Her father was a Korean math teacher (and strongly advised me to never become a teacher)
  4. When her family immigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina during her senior year of high school, her father told her that if she could graduate high school in two years, he would support her education (while having her brothers work).
  5. She began college in University of Buenos Aires, majoring in Chemistry.
  6. She transferred to a small Christian college in California, and later transferred and graduated from Biola with her brother (who was able to get in through completing his GEDs).
  7. She and her brother went to Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary afterwards; she, to study Christian Education, and he, to earn his M.Div.
  8. She met and married my father and had a surprise (me).  With 12 units left, she chose to take care of me instead of finishing.  (Chose the greater things in life :-P)
  9. She is a great story teller – and would bring us a lot of Korean and English books when I was little.
  10. I owe most of my Old Testament Bible and Bible verse memorizations to her.   She is a Bible quoting machine.
  11. In Kindergarten, I was randomly selected to attend Hoover Elementary (an academically-focused, alternative public school), and my poor mother was roped into doing a LOT of “parent volunteering”.  It also didn’t help that I didn’t speak English back then.
  12. Throughout elementary school in San Luis Obispo, my mother used to randomly take me out of school during lunch time and take me to Carl’s Junior.  I’d get zucchini stars.
  13. In my 4th grade birthday party sleepover, my mom made my (Caucasian) friends and me learn how to make stir-fried chicken, and stressed that we needed to learn how to cook (and talked about how she didn’t know how to cook in college).  I was mortified.
  14. When I was in Independent Study in 6th grade, after my Friday lessons, we’d eat lunches by Atascadero Lake and buy soft-serve ice creams in the Macdonald’s drive through.
  15. During middle school and high school, I was an emotional, crazy person.  We both survived (and I’ll leave it at that).
  16. Once during my sophomore year, she made friends with another Korean mom with a DREAM Korean son. One day, I told her “I’m not [Name Omitted]!” and she stopped comparing us.  She has never pushed me to become an Asian Dream Child.  (Thank you)
  17. In college, she did not freak out that I changed my major about every few weeks.  She did not nag at me to call her.  (but I think she did get sad – I was not the most relationally savvy person).
  18. She has always been a big support, and her outgoing, humble, trustful spirit is a constant reminder to do the same.
  19. She has beautiful, strong hands – my thick knuckles and rough palms are hers. Hah.
  20. Unlike most Asian parents who tout filial-piety as if it’s a divine right, I always knew that my mom did not “own” me – she gave me to the Lord – and this has afforded me great freedom.  I want to be a good steward of that.
Happy Birthday Supermom1960!  (<– I helped her make her first email address in 6th grade… it was at juno dot com. HAHA)
(There’s no music – just shenanigans from a decade ago).

8 responses to “Fun Facts about my Fifty-Something year old :)

  1. i like this 🙂 what a way to praise her a la prov 31:28 🙂

  2. Aw this post is so sweet! You’re mom is an amazing woman! 🙂

  3. i’m gonna miss your mom. she has it in her to dance like billy idol during worship services. shoot. if it don’t bother her, it don’t bother me none.

  4. this is cute, junia =)

  5. hmm thank you junia for this sweet remarks about me.
    i need to make few corrections. my dad was not a math teacher. he was elementary school teacher who had to help my poor math skill personally.

    Your admission to Hoover school was the answer of prayers from uncle Paul and me. It was God who intervened to our life. God’s sweet cares just overwhelming me again and again. Oh, I love God so much!!! My heart bursts for His love.

    i wanted to have an obedient beautiful daughter who loves Jesus and obeys Him as a disciple. i have been so privileged to be chosen as your earthly mother. i praise God for all the love, joy, pleasure, pride, pains, tears, fun and memories that woven my heart for His glory through raising you as my first child. God is so good, great and awesome. You are my perfect and best first child and friend and partner in Christ. I am so proud of you!!!

    let’s soar on the Eagle’s wings together to glorify our Beautiful God!

    love, omma

  6. so sweet. 🙂 our world is small. hehe~

  7. happy birthday mom!
    sweet entry Junia!

  8. oooh! I know how old she is now! Supermom1960

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