Absorbing the meat, crossing out the bones

An interesting piece on the subconscious and ambition/vision.  I definitely read this with a grain of salt, and am presenting you with the meaty parts I liked (bolded) and the bones that I preferred to spit out (crossed out).

“She said, “How important is it to have a vision?”

Really important,” I said immediately. “And you need to make it as clear and specific and as vivid as you can. You need to see it, hear it, feel it, touch it, you need to write it down, because then you activate different parts of your brain and burn that vision in on a very deep level. You program your subconscious to orient you in that direction.”

Your subconscious determines your life. It’s your subconscious that is constantly absorbing information, mulling things over, and making decisions; your conscious mind makes up reasons and stories to explain those decisions. It’s also your subconscious that determines, of the millions of bits of incoming stimuli that bombard your body at any given moment, the handful of things you will notice versus everything else that you will filter out.

(I just ordered a new car in the color ‘glacier blue’. So now, everywhere I look I’m noticing baby-blue cars. It’s not like there’s been a sudden explosion of baby-blue car owners. My subconscious has decided, for some reason known only to itself, that it’s vitally important that I pay attention to this. So thank you, subconscious.)  [I liked this example, because it’s so true.  One of my quiet pleasures is to take note of what my companion of the moment notices.]

And that, I think, was my big takeaway from the conversation. It’s not enough to figure out what your Vision actually is (and this is a task in itself). You have to get honest about who you are and what you want. You have to declare yourself. Otherwise you’ll get lost in your own smoke and mirrors, since we have an unnerving way of becoming the thing we thought we were only pretending to be.”

-Justine Musk of Tribal Writer


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