I think we’re missing the point…

A few days ago I saw this headline on my google reader: “Tests for Pupils, but the Grades Go to Teachers”.  What now, really?  I mean, I guess given all the hubbub over education, failing children, closing schools, poorly-resourced/prepared/managed or frankly just poor teachers, alternative schools, etc, along with all the normal issues relating to education, I suppose this might be the next step.  After all, it does fit in with the whole Rhee-ish idea of paying teachers based on merit; it fits in with certain charter schools that let teachers with failing classrooms go; could I even go so far as to say it fits with America’s tendency to blame shift for as long as possible without actually doing something?  Ridiculous!  Teachers are done with school – why are we continuing to grade them?

To be fair, my mind went into this brainwhirl before reading the article… but wasn’t that sort of the purpose for such a title choice?

Anyway, a few days later, I realized the futility of marking this article “to read later”, get all up in a tizzy about the title, and in a huff, forgo reading it.  So, I read it today.

The first words “New York City” made me roll my eyes, “of course this is in New York.”  Don’t get me wrong.  There’s much about New York and its schools that I appreciate, but given the number of good apples in the bin, there has to be some loonies as well.[…off to read]

And there.

I read it.

Basically, this was just your typical ed-related article.  Testing, teacher quality, funds, union protests, the needs of children, some mentions of the “Race to the Top” federal grant, and some potentially-shocking-if-implemented-but-probably-won’t-be-so-not-actually-that-shocking attention grabber facts and there you have it, another education article.

It wasn’t as polemic as I would have liked (one always enjoys a riveting read that roils your brain), but I guess it did its job (of informing).  But yeah, ho-hum.  I still enjoy reading these sorts articles; I like how new policies, new experiments, new ideas continue to be cranked out by myriads of individuals and groups.  However, in the end, it seems that that’s just how it is.  They’re always proposals or recent beginnings, and I’m just itching for something to be decided and set!

Give me 5 years.  🙂


[HT: Tastefully Offensive]


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