You should think about this.

Everything they say about the difficulties of a rape trial is sadly true. One’s word is not enough in these days of C.S.I. and DNA. Even if people believe you, you are tested beyond what any crime victim should have to endure. While on the witness stand, the defense attorneys seek to shame and humiliate you for hours, even days, with deeply personal questions about your body, your intimate life and your social life simply because you dare to come forward. How saddening, how utterly disheartening.

For me, public opinion will be the ultimate verdict.

An excerpt from the victim of the NY rape case I wrote about a little under a week ago.

Here’s an older article about reactions from the verdict.

What might this have to do with ideas, words, and education (ie: my blog)?  Well, this has to do with people, and I’m still “in uffish thought” as I write about this.  I’ve written about rape before, and it still overwhelms me.  I can’t completely explain it, but I believe that it’s connected with life and death, in the sense that to violate someone’s sexuality is the closest one can get to violating a person’s soul.  (The aftermath is also connected with life and death since rapes can result in unwanted babies or their termination).  Regardless of rhetoric, of the facts of the case, and legal terminology, this brings up a flurry of thoughts, and ultimately, the bottom line is this all matters.


4 responses to “You should think about this.

  1. Thanks for writing about this Junia. It’s sickening how easy it is for perpetrators to get away with their crimes when justice is administered through faulty human courts. A woman’s body is her soul as far as the sharing of her body is like the sharing of her God-residing heart (apparently some men are able to separate the two quite nicely). Overall the justice systems here on earth are but a shadow of the ultimate justice God will met out. Even if this woman did not get the verdict she was looking for, I
    commend her for the supreme strength she exhibited by coming forward. I pray that she receives peace and healing from this event and that God will seek his vengeance for her.

    Leona’s friend,


  2. Hey,
    I know I’m a guy, but I’ve been running into this topic alot in various things I’ve read. And don’t worry, I don’t take this issue lightly and hope in the future to be part/fund/contribute of any ministry or justice to help related to it. (check out Thailand news, they’re cracking down on the pedophiles more these days….God’s grace indeed.)
    Anyways, I’m asking, and throwing out there (not saying anything about your post) but is there a way to bring God and sin more into this discussion as it becomes a topic alot? I say this, because I know alot of “religious people”, atheist, etc. will hands down say that rape is bad and while not saying there is evil in the world (postmodern thought and all) but just “violating” people is henious. (Rob Bell and others define that as “Hell” while rejecting a literal hell.) And while that being henious is true, people say the “act” is bad, but may not say people are bad (sinful as christians would point out). And so they address the “acts” but not the heart or even how it violates people which violates the image of God. And we see this perfectly as we look at a culture that allows it to becomes more “sexualized” but then wonders why there is more rape and other sexual abuse within society……my two cents

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