Summer Summer Summer!

The more I do in preparation of moving to the East Coast, the more I grow in appreciation for the West Coast California NORTHERN CALIFORNIA!

Despite our funky weather, I love California, and I love her summers.  So far, I’ve always had some sort of summer break or a change in schedule.  I guess when I start “real work”, weeks will meld into each other.

But! I noticed that even with working friends, summers do signify new resolutions, mini-trips, increased socialization.  Is it because we’re so used to having our summers off?  Is it because we’ve finally ventured from the hole of winter and are finally shedding both our physical and figurative coats?  Whatever the case, summers are exciting!

Tentative Habit Plans

  1. Read fun books!
  2. Write (creatively) more!  (Jen and I are planning to turn off our internet and write for a few hours on select Saturdays.  Contact me if you want to join our East Bay writing club)
  3. Work out!  (A few friends and I are going to do the Tri-For-Fun in August.  I started triathlons in fall 2008, and love it.)
  4. Hang out with friends
  5. Enjoy local events (ie: I’m not traveling to anywhere this summer so I guess I’ll milk local community events.  Further aside:  I’m kind of enjoying our economic downturn because now more people do free things, and as a result, more free things are becoming available.)
  6. Work! (but not weekends!  Hopefully I can pay off my Boston housing this summer)
  7. Babysit!  (This is the only way to worm your way into kids’ hearts.)
  8. Pack and find a good storage plan 😦
Actual Things of Note I’ll Be Doing
  1. Mamma Mia (the musical)
  2. sister’s graduating from UCI in music.  She’s an oboist extraordinaire
  3. Justin Bieber Concert (woohoo College Track!)
  4. Family trip to Yosemite
  5. Four weddings.  (I’m just thankful I’m not a bridesmaid.  But wait, is that stage of life done already?  I never had a chance.)
  6. Buy a macbook pro.  (For those who know me on facebook, I’ve given into the oh-so-attractive darkside.  Apple, will your promises really come through?)
Things that I’ll be fitting in somewhere 
  • Camping with friends
  • murder mystery dinner party
  • trip to SLO
  • beach bonfire
  • surfing (sold the board, still have my suit)
  • apply for scholarships
  • fishing?
That does sound fun.  I hope you’re inspired to add items to your summer repertoire as well!

5 responses to “Summer Summer Summer!

  1. ohhh JUNIA!

    when are you moving? I want to do the mystery dinner and camping would be fun too. maybe we could do the mystery dinner WHILE we camp?

    my summer (…only 2 wks off in august) plans are up in the air, but i wanna try to hang out before you go

  2. i want in on the mystery dinner! no, esty, can’t be during camping… because you need to dress up all victorian!

  3. it can be a camping murder mystery, like the Blair Witch Project. ahah…so creepy

  4. Justin Bieber Concert (woohoo College Track!)

    …this is just disgusting

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