The grand thing about living in the dorms again (besides communal shower stalls) is the community.  Grad dorms, especially, or at least mine (woohoo Cronkhite!), are pretty above-average in that everybody’s old enough to be (gasp) responsible, but still have fun.  And with this little microcosm of people from various backgrounds, pursuing various agendas, I get to take advantage of shared resources.

One Cronkatian shared this youtube clip on our facebook group wall (Yes, we’re called Cronkatians, and yes, we have an exclusive facebook group).  And I have to admit, it’s pretty awesome.

Right?  Isn’t it!  Christina Xu, the self-proclaimed chancellor of Institute of Higher Awesome Studies gave this presentation on  The Awesome Foundation at TEDxBoston 2011.

What I got from this (besides spending 5 minutes racking my brains in figuring out something awesome I could do) is the realization that little can go a     l  o  n  g     way, that joy and purpose are legitimate, foundational necessities.  And finally, it once again confirms that it’s possible to have an idea, figure out ways to execute this idea, and then to just run with it.

So run with it, I shall!


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