Miss Junia reads for the record

12:03AM – Packs llama llama red pajama, double checks directions, doesn’t bother writing down the phone number of the school since she’s going to be there on time.

7:15AM – alarm goes off  

7:35AM – turns off the snooze for the last time and runs to take a quick shower.

8:02AM – Ready to leave, but decides to read a bit of Proverbs before leaving

8:08AM – Leaves and realizes she’ll have to walk briskly to make it to the bus stop (bus scheduled to arrive at 8:12 and 8:17)

8:11AM – Arrives to the bus stop.  Cold.  Wet hair + New England wind = cold.

8:19AM – Unfamiliar bus comes.  She remembers this one goes near her destination.  The other busses don’t seem to be coming.  Gets onto this bus since she doesn’t want to be late for reading.

8:23AM – Gets off bus stop at a familiar sounding street

8:24AM – Realizes she got off too early

8:48AM – Finally is on course to where she’s supposed to go (thanks to the road workers, no thanks to the residents).  She calls the school (thanks to Google texting help).

8:53AM – Arrives at the school but can’t figure out the entrance.  Finally goes in through the back way.  Yes, the area right by the dumpsters.  That tiny door.

8:57AM – Preschool teacher is a little confused.  She didn’t know Junia was scheduled to come.  No matter, she makes time for Junia to read.

9:03AM – Miss Junia reads  llama llama red pajama.  At first preschoolers are sitting at the edge of the carpet.  By the end, they are so close, and one little boy stroked her knee the whole time.  Miss Junia is melting a little and leaves book behind for the class.

9:16AM – Misses the homebound bus by literally 15 seconds.  Realizes she could have just walked through the school playground instead of the detour around the school.  Waits and waits and waits.  Tries to read for class.  Can’t finish reading because fingers are too cold.  Thinks that in California, if it was this cold, it would mean she was at Lake Tahoe and she’d be seeing snow.

9:32AM – Heads back to the dorm.  Way too late to go late to class.  Eats breakfast instead.

So yes.  Today was definitely hectic, and it was only the morning!

Today people all around the world read to preschoolers to encourage early childhood literacy!  Here’s a glimpse of Harvard faculty reading the book for this year!

It’s not too late to read to a preschooler!  Go to readfortherecord.org and you can read the book online!  I know some people even read to their families over Skype!


One response to “Miss Junia reads for the record

  1. i like llama llama red pajama!

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