J-Term Choices

Just wondering, for the winter, what class should I take?

A) No Adult Left Behind: A class where I learn about issues with adult literacy (either adults who just never got the hang of it, or adult immigrants), where the final project is to design my own program, which would be applicable in 5-7 years since I want to start an adult tutoring program (maybe through my church). I think it is a GREAT way for women to reach women in the Oakland/Berkeley area. Taught by a Teaching Fellow – she’s nice and the class seems like the least demanding. Also, it gives me the “other side” of literacy (since currently, I’m focusing on younger children).

B) Learning in a Globalizing World: Amazing professor; covers material that relates to international education-based policies, neurosciences and education, ed policy. The syllabus seems to have a lot about the “other” (something I LOVE as a comp lit major) and how culture, language, etc adds to learning. Interesting incorporation of classic essays (Voltaire, Kafka) into discussions about current ed practices/policies.

C) Art of Communication (HKS): How to communicate / speak publicly / persuade. – Probably most intense. Interesting.

Winter = 2 weeks. Half a semester crammed into 2 weeks. A good/necessary experience if I want to have a chiller 2nd semester (esp since I’ll be interviewing (hopefully) in the Spring in California).

I guess it’s pretty different from undergrad in that  I need to be more strategic with my classes, and unfortunately, it’s not about just taking classes that pique my interests. Yes, it is very sad.  But I’m learning things in my classes!  For example, to not take classes that are a “mission creep” and that it’s not simply about saying no to bad ideas, but saying no to good ideas that don’t match with what I’m trying to do.

What do you think I should take?  I can only take one!


6 responses to “J-Term Choices

  1. C sounds endlessly helpful and applicable for life… A obviously fits with your “second” longer-term objective (but is that your “vision”…?? aha) and B – not really sure what it’s about. ahahaha I can’t understand a lot of what you tried to describe it with -_- but amazing professors are … awesome.

  2. A or C. 2 weeks seems to be a good amount of time for C, maybe too short for A though.

  3. C!! I’ve taken many of those types of classes at Haas and they’re applicable in sooo many areas in life. AND they’re really fun and interesting and I really enjoyed them!

  4. Oops guys, one more thing
    there’s a class that i’m REALLY interested in: *H-310W Developing Effective School and Community Interventions for At-Risk Children (Winter 2012)
    … it sounds really cool too. But I don’t know if I’d be working with at-risk kids next year. but AGH i Want to! I feel like my job opportunities are all in the private sector b/c I don’t have credentials, but I want to work in the public schools. 😦 😦 😦

  5. oh darn. i was going to say B, since you’re at hah-vahd you should have some awesome hah-vahd professors. plus, you seem like you want to take that class most and just need to justify it. i was initially against C, because i think you’re a good talker, but i can see how it would be fun and practical. take the class you’ll most regret not taking later on. 🙂

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