Personal Strengths: DISC self-assessment profile

My friend had me do this assessment, and at first I scoffed because from my experience with the Myers-Briggs test, I felt that personality assessments were lame.  The answers seem overly broad, and my results would always change depending on the day.  However, I liked this DISC self-assessment because even though it was sort of hard to do the sorting, in the end, I feel like parts made sense.

DISC stands for four behavior components: Decisive, Interactive, Stabilizing, and Cautious.  You can find out more at the actual website (if you sign up and take the assessment).  I scored highest in I, pretty high in D, and low average in S and moderately low in C.

I also wonder how much I’ve changed since even just a year ago (in terms of confidence and a self-evaluation of ability).  Anyway, when I read this chunk, I laughed out loud because it’s so true.

Things to avoid to effectively communicate with Junia:

  • Don’t talk down to anyone.
  • Don’t forget or lose things necessary for the meeting or project.
  • Avoid rambling discussion and wasting time.
  • Avoid getting bogged down in facts, figures, or abstractions.
  • Don’t come in with a ready-made decision, unless you are ready to accept changes.
  • Don’t make decisions for anyone.
  • Don’t stick too rigidly to the agenda.
They also had this “seven dimensions of values and motivations” and the results made me suspicious. I wonder if they purposely enhance the results to make people feel better. Well, I guess it’s true that they do employ a “feel-good” rhetoric. Anyway check this out.
Interesting, right? I think what’s most interesting is how visual and detailed everything is! Anyway, this was a good break from my take-home final.


One response to “Personal Strengths: DISC self-assessment profile

  1. i’ve done this before… like 5 years ago. and at that time i was almost 100% “C” … very & equally low in everything else.

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