Always learning

My friend Eunice and I had a coffee date last week.  She’s one of those people I met and knew by name and face in college, but didn’t really get to connect with until after college.  It’s interesting to see how relationships evolve. Especially since many of the relationships forged in college feel substantial — the idea that they may change seems improbable at the time.  Anyway, it’s sweet.

We discussed her future plans and my future plans.  We were talking about practical classes I might need to take and Eunice mentioned that MIT was offering free online classes for possible certification.  I expressed my disbelief — surely they’re not offering free certification — and then we went on to talk about other ways to take classes.

Anyway, I looked into it and yes, MIT is launching an online learning initiative: MITx.  It offers a variety of courses and the learning tools will be freely available. Certification or credentials may be available for extra fees though.  Anyway, it looks pretty cool and it’s launching in 2012. FAQs here!

I probably won’t delve into that, but it did make me think about other free resources to stay learning.  Most likely next year I’ll be taking finance classes at a community college in order to have a better handle on starting the Mind Garden. And hopefully, for the rest of my life, I’ll have formal and informal opportunities to learn.

With that in mind, below are a wide variety of ways to take courses and learn for free!



One response to “Always learning

  1. Whee!! Learning for FREEEE~ 😀

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