The answer is yes.

From Yahoo’s 5 Most Controversial Parenting Stories of 2011.

(Yes, I read junk, and old, semi-boring junk at that).

3. The arrest of Stanford professor Bill Burnett and his wife Cindy for hosting a teen party where alcohol was present was also the ‘talk of the town’ for a while. The couple claimed they were not aware the kids partying it up in their basement were drinking. Ms. Burnett told The Today Show’s Matt Lauer she was just about to serve the kids the cookies she had made when the police arrived. While the Burnett’s tale may have received the most media attention, stories of similar arrests have been cropping up all over the country, all raising the question–are parent’s responsible for their underage teen’s behavior even if they are unaware of what their teens are doing?

Uh yes. The answer is yes.  The italics of the last part is so stupid and unnecessarily sensational.  Is it really so crazy to expect parents to be responsible for their underage teen’s behavior?  Shouldn’t they be aware?  Isn’t not being aware called negligence?  Hey Yahoo!, I can play the italics game too.

"I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!"


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