Resources for MS Excel

I love reading Alison Greene’s blog,  I feel that it gives such practical advice that’s good not just for the workplace, but for life in general.  She’s an intelligent woman and a straightforward writer; in short, she rocks!

Anyway the format of her blog is that she posts a question a reader poses, answers it, and then opens it up for discussion in her comments.  Today, I read a post that asked how to improve MS Excel skills, and Alison opened it up for the readers to answer.  There were many resources and rather than adding them to my “Favorites”– something I NEVER open– I’m going to just compile all the sites in a list (I love lists) and share them with you too.

Some other advice people gave was to figure out the basics and do mini projects on your own, or figure out what skills you need for your future job and just focus on those.  I just enjoy Excel, in general, (I take all my notes through it), but I think those are also good ideas.


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