lakay se lakay = there’s no place like home

During that space between January term and the beginning of the Spring term, I had the opportunity to go to Haiti with a few amazing people from Harvard.  Hold up.  I didn’t actually “have the opportunity”; we took the initiative to go.  Because there were travel sanctions on Haiti, Harvard couldn’t officially sponsor the trip through our HGSE for Haiti club.  However, we decided to go anyway.  We made up a separate name (Haitian Teachers’ Collective) and opened up the trip to more people.  In the end, we had a student and a preceptor from the College along with a Boston Haitian community leader join us!

I remember at first feeling nervous, because this was my first time organizing and going on a trip that wasn’t under the umbrella of another organization.  But it happened!  And I’m good!  Why am I updating you all after almost 2 months have passed?  Well, we just launched a small informative site, and you can also read a more detailed (but haphazard) reflection there.

My language exchange partners and I (M'apran Kreyole!)

My teaching partner and I in a tap-tap!

Some of the teachers in a large group discussion

Capital building (2 years post-earthquake)

More pictures and information on our website!  Check it out.


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