Congratulations HGSE c/o 2013!

If you guys want the real scoop on HGSE, post a comment, and I’ll reply!

Here are some pictures of how I felt during the year…

First day of first class at HGSE

Wearing a robe, working on my first paper

Delicious readings. Don't I look enthusiastic?

Unaccustomed to the East Coast cold.

Constant HGSE Conflict: Sleep or Study?

First day of last semester at HGSE

First snowman! In February. There was no snow this year.

Most recent 3 paper binge + late night snack. No all-nighter though. I've learned from last semester.

Just kidding. I love it. I hope I won’t scare you away.  It’s just this week I have 3 papers due.  It feels like just yesterday I was trying to make the decision.  But hey, here’s a secret, you know how you see those memes about schools where your  best is not enough?  At HGSE, honestly, you’re constantly inspired to do your best.  (Then you learn about .  and THEN you get all excited and inspired again.  The more you know the less you know the more you know, it’s a terrifying see-saw.  Have fun!)


moving in, first happy hour with cohort, Fenway Park!


Maine lobster, apple picking, favorite building: Memorial Hall


Freedom trail: Paul Revere’s Grave, Walden Pond, Birthday brunch with HGSE pals

Have fun with your choices!


6 responses to “Congratulations HGSE c/o 2013!

  1. Hi! I just found out yesterday that I was accepted into HGSE, and I will be doing the Language & Literacy program as well. I do have a couple of questions: Do you have any recommendations for cheap housing? Also, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now (and it’s so good that I went back and read all of your past entries) and I realize that you are a Christian. Me too! Could you recommend any on-campus Bible studies? Thank you.

    • Congratulations! In general, the housing costs here are pretty expensive, and I think especially if you’re only spending a year here, you might want to consider sucking up the housing costs and living somewhere convenient. I lived in the dorms, and I loved it. However, places that are near public transportation but are further out that you might consider is Watertown (near #71 bus), Belmont (near #73 bus), Davis or Porter Square (near the Red Line subway).

      I actually wasn’t able to find a good Bible study that I liked, and at HGSE, every year a new gaggle of clubs pass through (since it’s a 1 year program), but I did find a good church and I do know of other churches in the area.

      I’ll also be posting a more detailed housing post on the HGSE admissions blog.. I wrote it the other day but somehow WordPress lost it! 😦

      I hope this helps!

  2. Hello again! Sorry, I have another question: did you have to write a Master’s thesis in this program?

    • No problem. Different classes have different projects/paper requirements depending on the course. There’s no program-related master’s thesis though.

  3. Melissa L. Fullmore

    Very helpful, thanks!

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