My Last Spring Break

That title sounds like that of a Korean Drama or a movie, huh?  It’s nothing that dramatic though.  This is hopefully my last year as a student; hence, it’s my last spring break.

The theme of this spring break will be (get ready for it): Girls Gone Mild!

The HS English teacher, the Kindergarten teacher, and I, all decked out for "Nerd Day." This was the day when I the math teacher walked into my class (we shared a room), looked right over my head and asked the class, "Where is your teacher?"

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because as a blogger, I know that what I write will be preserved forever (thank you, Google, I think).  Also, as a reader, you guys get to hold me accountable and make sure I get stuff done.

My classmates aren’t really going wild though.  Many are going on career trips to DC and NY (future HGSE’ers: you guys should really ask them to bring back the SF trip).  Some people are going on school visit trips in Jamaica and Finland.  The rest are visiting home or working here.  Yes, that’s HGSE for you: busy, busy, busy.

I’m staying here because I have 1 paper due during spring break (class-wide extensions = double-edged sword), 3 papers due after Spring break, and I’m going to California that following weekend (for a Cal/West connection event, visiting a charter school, going to a friend’s wedding).  Thus, I gotta work!  (I’m also tutoring a few of my students from Harvard Bridge).

I also want to start researching jobs and applying.  Last weekend, I spent one whole period of unplugged Mac time (about 4 hours since I was playing music too), looking up interview outfits.  Counting a lot of eggs before they hatch.  Okay, counting a lot of eggs before I even have any.

Wednesday through Friday, though, I’m going to NYC with my cousin.  We’re seeing Spiderman: Turn off the Dark!  I’m really excited.  I’m also going to go super tourist and see the Statue of Liberty, the Guggenheim, and the Met.  Oh, and I’m going to eat.  Lastly, we want to visit the World Trade Center. I think I have to go there.  It’s nonnegotiable.

Then during the weekend, I’m going to catch up on everything else I need to finish up.


  • Finish my midterm for Charter Schools.
  • Have first draft of Adolescent Literacy final paper done to talk about with a classmate when she returns.
  • Research for Reading Difficulties paper (on teacher support training for LD students)
  • Finish rough draft above paper
  • Figure out the company to research for my Reimers class.
  • Start the draft
  • Finish the draft?
  • Update resume
  • E-mail a person for more info
  • Figure out what to do with my life / where to go after I graduate (the Bay? stay here? leave the country?)
  • Write at least 3 cover letters (aka apply to at least 3 places)
  • Read… and stay on top of my regular duties

Okay, I’ll try to 65% of the above before Wednesday, and the rest on Saturday and Sunday.

I also want to play here in Boston.  I’m going to brunch with a dear classmate in a few minutes, we’re going to study, and then we’re going to go swing dancing (yikes).  Tomorrow, I’m going to church and then babysitting some kids afterwards.  Next Saturday, I’m going to lunch with some good friends from college.  And then the next 2 weeks will be a whirlwind of visiting CA, being visited, and then, it will be a chill period of a paper every other week.  Then finals. Then, oh my gosh, I’m graduating.


One response to “My Last Spring Break

  1. omg that photo is AMAZE. i would watch that.

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