I was sad when I saw the melting ice rink.

It was by The Charles Hotel.  The weather has been in the 50s and 60s lately, and I love it. I take walks around the Charles River.  I squeal with delight when I walk outside, brace myself for the cold, and realize that it’s warmer outside than indoors.  I sort of wish I’d had seen more snow.  It was not as cold as it could have been.  I did not utilize all the gear I brought.  Which, I guess, brings me to my next point.  Should I give Boston another year, another try?

Okay, it’s not just weather.  I’ve been working with this woman I met through a case we studied in Monica Higgins’s class, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Learning.  At first, I thought this lady was crazy!  (This phenomenon happened often: I’d think whatever the subject was going to launch, it wouldn’t happen, and then somehow, it did).  Anyway, I met with her because I was interested in her work, and after working with her, I’m still interested in her work.  Just that, right now she’s starting out and I’m not really getting paid – which is totally fine for grad school, but not fine after I graduate.  BUT, today I was thinking, what if I get a “chiller” job at the University and spend another year in Boston, keep on working with her, and also further my education just a smidge more (I’d love to audit Elmore and a bilingual literacy course).  I think a lot of pros could come from this.

Of course, I’m applying to jobs in SF.  I’m also opening myself up for international work because I feel that professionally, since I’m still young, I’d have more responsibilities and more opportunities to learn on the job.  Anyway, as I think out loud (out print?  on print?), I still haven’t finished editing my resumes or writing cover letters.  So, this is definitely just empty theorizing.


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