The Drain-Tangle that is the CA Education System


How is that nobody knows exactly what to do to earn a teaching credential?  It’s kind of like a sneaky Ponzi scheme.  “All you need is the CBEST and CSET”.  “Now you need to pass the RICA.”  “Oh after that you need the BTSA.”  “Oh and then three more classes.”  “And then you need to renew it yearly with $65 or something.”

It’s frankly discouraging.  While I’m teaching, I won’t really be “clear” to teach until another.. what.. 3 years?  No wonder nobody stays. It’s expensive and time consuming.  Pair that with hours of grading, stress from the guilt of not grading, kids with bad attitudes, expectations that you don’t totally buy into concerning testing, and of course, the general tenor of thanklessness where the only voice for your kind is yourself, and … there you go.  After two years, you’re out the door onto a more lucrative profession.  Honestly, if you can teach, you could probably do anything you wanted.*


*I’m not trying to make an inspirational statement; I’m being objective.  To be able to actually teach you have to be fairly knowledgeable about the subject you’re teaching.  You’re probably most interested in that subject.  You also probably have crazy people skills (balancing the various personalities in one room, the variety of ages you come across).  You are probably very diplomatic (navigating PD, political alliances, unions etc).  You can also multi-task and work efficiently.  Teaching a classroom is like running operations.  Your basic math is probably amazing (calculating grades), AND you’re probably really calculating and smart; able to gauge pros and cons in a minute, finding that grading scale sweet spot so that kids who deserve it get more decent grades than those who slack off.  With all those skills, you’ll probably want something along the lines of your subject and then with the people, operations, analytical, and critical thinking skills, you’re set!  I’d hire you!


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