Adding to the pile.

I was going to look at my next month, but I decided to shorten it down to the next two weeks.

Today I have the day off.  Whether it’s due to “Columbus Day” or because we “always get the day after PD off,” I don’t know.  I’m just going to gratefully take this day.  I’m supposed to be rafting through the Grand Canyon right now, but even the government wasn’t on my side in this case, and with the national parks closed, I stayed at home. 

Well, Thank God I stayed home because I have a lot of work to do.

This Saturday, I have my Reading Instruction Competency Assessment.  Rumored to be the hardest test for my credential, I feel nervous because the RICA is basically based on my whole Master’s course of study, so if I do fail this test, it reflects poorly on pretty much everything.  

Plan of Action: Study the book I bought for $30 that informs me on the general format and weight of the test.

This Sunday, I have my Teaching Performance Assessment due for my credential.  Basically you have to complete 4 TPAs over the course of 2 semesters and earn a grade of a 3 or a 4 on each one.  This is in lieu of the huge project that other credentialing programs do at the end of their course.  For this one, I have to write about assessments and pull data on an ELL student and an IEP student.  This will be a hefty piece of work.

Plan of Action: Pull data on 2 students.  Write a draft.  Describe my unit and teaching plan.  Describe my assessment.  Write this doozy of a 15+-page paper.

This Wednesday, I have my second class project due for my credentialing program.  It requires me to submit a unit course plan and reflection.  I can hopefully use what I already have for school and blend it into the requirements of this project.

Plan of Action: Do most of it and leave the rest for next weekend.

My paper gradebook has not had the grades inputted from my computer.  I’m pretty sure this week they’re going to do a random sweep to make sure we are keeping up with our paper gradebooks.  I should finish this before tomorrow.

Plan of Action: Spend an hour and copy things into the book.

My school just had its first interim assessments and this year I have 4 tests to reflect on.  I need to examine the data, do standards analyses, question-by-question analyses, and pinpoint specific students and small groups to focus on.  

Plan of Action: Complete my data dives and finish creating test-reflection worksheets for my students.

Thursday my lesson plans are due (as always).  

Plan of Action: Create my lesson plans now so that I won’t have to worry about them this week.

My students failed the Chs 1-4 cumulative math test dreadfully.  I seriously feel like I’m at a loss. I don’t know if I should just reteach from the beginning of the book or if I should just move onto Chapter 5 since it doesn’t require anything from Chs 1-4 and use the parts of Chs1-4 as warm-ups in the beginning of the class.  I also have 2 students who don’t have the basic skills and about 6 students who just need some targeted review.  I feel that I need to do minilessons with the 2 bottom students everyday and meet with the targeted students at least 3x a week.  I suppose I can take 20 minutes out of my PE prep and after school and maybe some Saturdays.  Except my heart is sinking because when will they be “good enough” for me to transition them back into just class.  Will I have to do this for the rest of the semester?  

Plan of Action: Create a packet of minilessons and answers and a spreadsheet so that I won’t have to prep, and so that I can get a bird’s eye view of when my kids can transition back in.

My social studies book is wreck.  24 chapters in one year, ya crazy?  Asking questions on tests like, “What was the major farming technique for North Carolina?”  … WHO KNOWS THAT AND WHO CARES?  I want to look over, pinpoint key themes, and align it to the US social studies kids should know by high school.  Then, I want to pinpoint the random trivia that are on the tests and make sure that I teach those parts.

Plan of Action: Create Unit plans for the next 6 chapters.  Figure out which chapters I can skip decently.

Next Saturday, I have to go to an all-morning seminar.  I am also skipping a CPR class because I have a wedding to attend.  I need to be certified in CPR to earn my credential, so I should figure out a time to plan that as well.   My friend is also visiting that weekend.

Plan of Action: Schedule a CPR exam.  Figure out my wedding outfit so that I can grab it before leaving for class.

I am 7 weeks behind on my online single-subject credential class.  I have 7 mini-projects to do.

Plan of Action: Do one project a day for 40 minutes and turn in half-arsed assignments.  As long as I get a B, I’m okay.

I haven’t done laundry for 2.5 weeks. I want to wash my sheets.

Plan of Action: Do laundry.

I want to reorganize my makeup and nail polish and jewelry.  I want to finally hang up my mirror since I just bought a studfinder the other day.  I want to hang up my pictures and posters that I’ve had since last year.  I want to reorganize my bookshelves.

Plan of Action: Hang mirror, organize, buy picture frames, reorganize bookshelves.


Immediate Due Dates

  • Single Subject credential work (overdue 7 weeks)
  • dinner with friend
  • Data dive (school)
  • lesson plans (school)
  • gradebook (school)
  • RICA (credential test)
  • Saturday school supervision (school)
  • Saturday seminar (credential)
  • TPA (credential)
  • Multiple Subject project 2 (cred)
  • wedding (life)
  • Classroom observation (cred)

Due Next Month

  • Another wedding (life)
  • Formal observation (credential)
  • Student data files due (school)
  • single subject credential project (creed)
  • another wedding (life)
  • Thanksgiving (life)


Things I’d like to do

  • plan differentiated math curriculum
  • reexamine my social studies unit plans
  • create more minilabs for science
  • align my next novel to common core standards since OH YEAH, our school is starting the shift THIS SEMESTER (instead of Next year)
  • find useful apps for my chromebooks to help differentiate my instruction
  • Redecorate my classroom
  • Create a math project for my advanced students
  • grade all the book reports in a timely manner
  • Make my classroom warm and welcoming especially as winter approaches
  • Have some semblance of a social life
  • work out


*sob*  There are too many plans of actions.  I can’t drop my single subject credential because I already paid for it.  I suppose Nov-Dec will be crazy too, but after that, things SHOULD calm down.


Tone Deaf


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