Sinking Ship

I just completed my third Teaching Proficiency Assessment (1 of 4 that you have to complete to get a credential).  Each  one gets more and more time intensive.  I must plan ahead for this LAST one (TPA 4) since I have to videotape a 20-minute session.

So, I decided to look at the questions since these are what effective teachers are supposed to be considering anyway.

  1. In what ways do you establish and maintain a positive climate for learning?
  2. In what ways do you establish and maintain rapport with all students and their families?
  3. In what ways do you encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and to work responsibly with others and independently?
  4. In what ways do you establish clear expectations for academic and social behavior and respond to behavior that does not meet those expectations?
  5. List the state-adopted academic content standard(s) or state-adopted framework you will address in this lesson.
  6. What is (are) the academic learning goal(s)?  What specifically do you expect students to know or be able to do as a result of this lesson?
  7. How is (are) the academic learning goal(s) related to the state-adopted academic content standards or state-adopted framework?
  8. How will the content of the lesson build on what the students already know and are able to do?
  9. How does the content of this lesson connect to the content of preceding and subsequent lessons?
  10. What difficulties do you anticipate students may have with the lesson content?  Why do you think these will be areas of difficulty?
  11. What evidence will you collect during the lesson and/or at the end of the lesson that will show the extent to which the students have made progress toward the academic learning goal(s)?
  12. In what ways will you ensure the active and equitable participation of all students during the lesson? 
  13. Given the difficulties you anticipate students may have with the content, what additional steps might you take to foster access and comprehension for the students?
  14. In what ways will you share the results of the instruction with students and/or families?
  15. What adaptations to the instructional plan will you make for the student?
  16. How appropriate were your time allocations for the students, the content, and the planned instructional strategies and student activities?  Cite specific examples.
  17. To what extent did the class as a whole achieve the academic learning goals of the lesson?
  18. In what ways did the environment in the classroom, including climate, rapport, routines, and procedures, contribute to student learning?
  19. How well did the lesson connect with the students’ background and developmental information?  Cite specific examples.
  20. In what ways was your lesson effective and what might you do differently to improve the lesson?  
  21. What are your goals for increasing your knowledge and skill in implementing instruction?  How will achieving these goals help you become a more effective teacher?



I started to feel my breath get shorter and shorter as a visual of a cartoon lady being pummeled, drowned, buried in larger and larger block letters filled my mind.  These are not even half the questions that I’d be answering… and yes, of course, I can break this up to fulfill my assignment.  The assignment is not the issue.  The underlying assumption is.

Why would they have me think about these questions if these are not expectations for a teacher?  And of course!  Yes, these are ALL great things to consider when you’re teaching.  But.. who can do all this?  Take care of each student.  Incorporate the family.  Incorporate standards.  Critically examine whether or not learning objectives have been met.  Yada yada yada.  Who am I supposed to be?  Super-human?  A robot?  


Support support!  or….



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