You had one job.

Ever since my “you have one job” spiel to my kids, they’ve been pulling it out anytime I make a tiny mistake.

Today we had a lockdown drill, and to confess, I get very jumpy just thinking about what would happen during a fire, an earthquake, and God forbid, a lockdown.  In my first school, I accidentally had my kids get under their desks during a fire drill.  What a fail.  (“That’s what drills are for!”)

Anyway, on my part, I need to lock my doors and turn off the lights.  My hands shook and I swear, I checked the door twice, and muttered under my breath, “We need to figure out a way to lock the doors from inside.”  Then, as we waited quietly, the door suddenly jerks open, and I said, “What the–!” as I locked eyes with my principal.  My automatic assumption was that she had unlocked it to announce that the drill was over, but no!  THE DOOR WAS UNLOCKED!  

Student responses:

Renman: Great, Ms. Kim, we all died just now.

Shrek: You had one job.

Ouch.  But so true.  😦 

And I had felt so noble standing near the door instead of going to hide behind my desk, like I would have wanted to do if there WAS a crazy person walking around our school.

Another crazy thing happened today:  I split up a potential fight.  The weirdest feeling for me though was when I had my hand on the larger boy’s arm and he just jerked his arm out got up and started going towards the younger boy.  But, I was just so angry too.  For me, the biggest form of cowardice/bullying is talking down to or threatening someone who’s younger than you.  It’s just sucky.  Thank the Lord that a teacher walked by and then the principal came.  I forgot this had happened until right now. 

Mainly though, what frustrated me the most is how gossipy my kids get about this.  I wish they would just take the higher road instead of the he-said, she-said thing.  

OH YEAH. Another thing: one kid who was in my room during lunch detention, stuck my girl’s eraser down his pants. That’s just nasty.  And it again riled me up.  Not because of what he did but how excited and voyeuristic my students get about this.  Sure, sure, kids will be kids.  But I think this is why nothing real gets done (from a societal perspective).  Kids and adults, we’re the same.  We get caught up in the juicy tidbits and latest gossip and lose sight of what really matters, so that in the end, the ones who take a stand are the only ones left standing.


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