So about that…

So in my last post, I was really frustrated. And I still stand behind it.  But we got $60K awarded to our school, so I’m pretty stoked!

What I’m nervous about is all the asks and hidden strings tied to money.  Yet at the same time, I’m glad and thankful for the opportunity to pilot exciting ways to actually help children move.

Does technology really help children move though?  We did a guided conversation about what excites us about technology and where are our reservations lie.

For me, I think I honestly have to answer with what excited me about technology.  I really liked the idea of teaching my kids marketable and relevant skills for the 21st century.  The idea that students could choose different paths and personalize their learning was cool as well.

But after a year of trying to effectively implement this in my class when we did have many resources and programs, I have so many more reservations.

Are we trying to replace quality personal instruction with technology?  The stakeholders on the tech side would definitely say no.  But then, it leads to my next less hyperbolic reaction.  These programs are basically all pilots.  None of them are as adaptive as they claim.  They’re not that interesting.  And it eventually turns kids off learning!

What if we pilot something and it doesn’t work?  In a sense, these roll-outs are basically experiments.  Just as in grad school there’s an ethical review board, someone needs to go out and see what’s ethical for our kids.  Of course we mean well, but what if parking someone in front of a so-called adaptive math program for 90 minutes a week is actually not as effective as hiring another person to work with that child for 30 minutes a week 3 days a week?

Anyway, I don’t entirely dislike the groups that give money, even though I said so.  I think I was just frustrated that the same group that could fund us might also fund another school just because it SAID it was doing good things.

I guess I just wish there wasn’t so much inauthenticity or lack of accountability.  Blergh bloop.


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