End of the Year Junk Awards

So, one thing I’ve *always* wanted to do but never had the chance to do (until now and our lovely end of the year schedule where I have a week of half-days), were end-of-the-year gag gifts.

I love puns, and as a Humanities teacher, I feel that it’s only appropriate to have fun with these.

Last night I scoured the internet for ideas but maybe due to a lack of the right search terms, I found a few usables, but then kept finding funny certificates but no actual item-gifts.

I made sure to keep them gentle and lighthearted, and to save you the grief of looking them up on your own, here’s my list I compiled (guffawing to myself).  Most of these I’m using. Some of them I’m not.

  • highlighter – for the highlight of my day
  • lemon – turning lemons into lemonade (always cheerful)
  • egg – eggstreme (could be anything from eggcellence to just any other extreme)
  • teddy grahams – warm nature
  • donut – “I donut know what I’d do without you.”
  • spatula – always flipping out
  • rubber band – always bouncing back
  • ruler – boss / rules the class
  • Extra gum – does extra!
  • band aid – always helping
  • nuts – drives me crazy
  • glove – lending a hand
  • kit kat – for the kid that works super hard but maybe never gets the BREAK s/he deserves
  • sock – puts best foot forward
  • cinnamon – putting spice into life
  • candle – a deLight to teach
  • chips – always willing to CHIP into discussions
  • plant/flower – lots of growth!
  • fan – I am a fan!
  • mint – a breath of fresh air (ideas)
  • banana – drives me bananas
  • chili pepper – being so calm and chill
  • mushroom – an all around “fun guy”
  • box – thinks outside of it
  • cheese/corn – corny/cheesy
  • mustache – always “mustache” a question
  • star or orbit gum – spacey space cadet kid
  • puzzle piece – still cannot figure this person out
  • rose – always rising to the occasion
  • raisin – Raising the roof!
  • lid – For the kid who could never stop talking

Then, as I went shopping, a few more popped into my head.  These, I could never use, but they exist just the same. HAHA.

  • Squirt Soda – for the kid who takes incessant bathroom breaks
  • Turnip – kid that’s always turnt up
  • sock – for never putting a sock in it
  • lid – to help put a lid on it
  • splinter – splinter in my side
  • Ketchup – always behind
  • Hanger – always hanging around
  • Leaf – will never leave!
  • Sunglasses – always in the dark.

IMG_20150610_241013326 IMG_20150610_240916500 IMG_20150610_240937039  IMG_20150610_240955019


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