Hitting Teacher Milestones

Bam – Bam- and BAM!  Do you hear that? That’s the sound of milestones being hit!

The 2015-2016 school year…

  • starting my 5th year!
  • I have SIBLINGS of PAST students in my class
  • Aapparently, quite a few of my 8th graders from last year came to school to visit *me* today. (Desafortunadamente, I was at the other site).

Other Thoughts:
So, last night, I was up til about 12 prepping some things. Then, when I went to bed, I kept giggling because I was genuinely excited to go to school and see all my kids.

I slept restlessly (it was really hot last night?).

This morning, I overslept so I missed the bus and biked to school instead.

Began to get ready and ran into students – and it’s absolutely delightful hearing changed voices, admiring height differences, hairstyles, etc.

As we rolled out our first day of TTO, I saw kids just really trying *hard* to keep it together. Kids that I warned the other teachers about didn’t stick out!

The second school site was a bit more difficult because it was unfamiliar to me and it’s going through changes.

Working at 2 sites is really teaching me about the importance of school expectations and culture AND the necessity for *consistency* in the teachers. It’s totally different teaching middle school to kids who didn’t have that and kids who did.

Ode to 6th Graders

Still feeling *glow-y* about the starry-eyedness of the 6th graders at my first school.  *happy sigh*.  I’VE NEVER TAUGHT 6TH GRADE BEFORE.. and they are just SO stanking adorable. (7th/8th grade have their charms too).

Some 6th graders are HUGE and some 6th graders are tiny, that I have to resist the urge to crouch on my knees and talk to them.

Kidbit Tidbits:

Boy 1: “Did she do that to you too?”

Boy 2: “Yeah!” 

(I didn’t turn around to see who said this, but this was right after I vigorously shook a 6th grader’s hand and accidentally cracked his finger. I apologized, but didn’t realize I did this to others! After that, I limply shook the tiny soft hands of the girls behind these two boys).

There was a 6th grade girl showing LOTS of stankfaced attitude. They weren’t even in the classroom yet and she was already making “MmHmm, OKay” remarks after I gave directions.

Right then, my math coach (who is in charge of the transition bells) asked her, “Hey, do you want to help me out with a job?”

The change was immediate.  The girl’s body language got all bashful and she nodded shyly.  After that, in class, she was amazing.  I almost laughed because sometimes, kids are so easy.  It’s really just about making them feel safe and wanted.  Easier said than done. Of course.

When kids were filling out their “Who I Am” Mosaic assignment, there’s a box for “a favorite childhood memory.”  One girl asked me, “What if I don’t have a favorite childhood memory?”  As I prodded a bit, she said, “most of my past is full of sad and bad things.”  I noticed that she wrote that she had siblings.  “Do you like your brother?” I asked.  She said yes.  I then gave a funny memory I had of my little brother and asked her if she had any.  She then wrote, “spending time with my mom.”

I’m excited to be a part of this team because my team is excellent.  We are super aligned in teaching philosophy.  They work hard.  AND, I get to see 300 students everyday. And that is most exciting for me.

Some drawbacks today though:

  • Our lunch transition time (1 hour) was chock full of clean up and set up so.. lunch on the run sort of didn’t happen. :-/  *Must make time to eat!*
  • The parking lot was locked (we were promised our own spaces)
  • The art teacher was slated to teach while I was teaching math… I hate to be the person to kick out art … but… it had to be done.
  • Got home at 6p.  How did *that* happen?!

Only 4 drawbacks? I’ll take that!


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