Teachers need Rest!

On crankiness combated by the community served…
Today was a harrowing day at school.. even though Wednesdays I don’t teach, I felt drained today because there was so much.. brainwork yesterday.
So, today, we were literally totally wilted. (Practicing transitions is a butt). And my feet hurt. My throat hurt. My head died. And I had a stankfaced attitude. (Had to email my team to apologize 😦 ).
Then as I walked out (around 5:30pm), I saw these teeny, teeny kids littering the playground!!! From the after-school program! I swear, one boy is so compact – he’s barely past my knee. I was dying. They are SO SO CUTE. My colleague then asked me if I’ve seen the TK (transitional kindergarten) kids, and I haven’t!
I look at my 6th graders, and I feel like they’re small. Even though I have friends with kids of all ages, it just boggles my mind to see such TINY kids at school.
On the sobering realities of teaching in Oakland…
Yesterday we went over emergency procedures, and it’s always so sobering to think about lockdown and hear questions from other teachers about “what to do when…”. Eeps. I remember my first year teaching in Oakland, when one girl asked me if I’d risk my life for them (it was after Sandy Hook happened), and at that moment, I just looked at her.. panicked, and said, “I don’t know.”
Random Highs for today!
+ Spent 1 minute in the teacher’s lounge! (almost stayed for lunch, but then fled).
+ Got to my second site, checked in with an 8th grade gal who walked out of my class on Tuesday, still had time to eat some lunch, set up a projector, and be relatively calm by the time classes began again!
+ At the second campus, I saw a teeeeeeny boy doing hopscotched and I exclaimed at how well he did it. He then excitedly beckoned me to wait and showed me how he could do it again BACKwards. A girl next to him was also literally jumping up and down in support. I asked them what grade they were and they showed me the number 5.. I got confused and was thinking “Man, I really stink at gauging age, but these 5th graders are small….” and then he said, “I’m 5.” So… safe to say… using my Sherlock skills of deduction, hopscotch + boy and girl happily supporting each other + the number 5 = KINDERGARTNERS!
+ Thankful for my K-1 teaching colleagues at ASCEND who’ve taught me how to speak with littl’uns.
+ Thankful I teach the big’uns.
+ Giddy that as the school year is beginning, I’m bumping into my graduated kids all over the place.  Apparently it’s common for them to visit ASCEND in the first weeks of school.  So adorable. They are so grown!
+ This gem of a do-now response!

+ This gem of a do-now response!


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