Less than 1 Month of School Left

It’s insane, as I gear up for the end of the year.  It was so busy, and whereas I finally felt comfortable starting the year and liked how I asked questions and probed in terms of student management and culture and community-building, I never had so much difficulty dealing with adults!  Parents, teachers, school staff, admin, you name it.  What a learning experience!  But it was good! Let me explain.

Today I got a really sweet text from a friend: “Aww you know what [Husband’s Name] just said? He said that if he haws wealthy enough, he would have no hesitation funding a charter school for you!! :)”

Although the sentiment is indeed sweet, I don’t need a second to know that I don’t want a charter school.  I’d rather work as a teacher than run a school.  But I also know that it’s not just about one person having a vision or heart for the kids — you need a really good team.

It just becomes super clear how the teaching teams and what they value and spend time doing outside of simply imparting academic knowledge affect what students become.

Last week I spent 3 days helping chaperone a 6th grade camping trip while the other 6th grade teachers led. I also took my 8th graders to Cal.  Then I returned to both schools and just realized how it’s almost a farce of a school the other one is at this point.  Granted, they’ve had lots of turnover and their culture isn’t very strong… but that’s exactly my point.  Adults, a shared vision, cooperation, and a shared understanding of what is valued definitely affect what the students will value and in turn act.

Anyway, if I were to head up a school, I’d need a team of veteran teachers willing to leave their schools – and how easy is it to find that?  Hard.



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