Sometimes I feel Perplexed that I’m a math teacher

Over 6 years ago, after my first summer in the “Summer MA in English for Teachers” program in UC Irvine (fabulous, cost-efficient program – I recommend – even though I didn’t finish), I wrote my “about” section and theorized my thoughts on the purpose of this blog’s existence.  I was into poetry, I still reveled in my Comp Lit BA, I was 23, I was a bit puzzled after my first year as a teacher, and I just had lots of ideas of what I wanted to do with education.

Then I went through graduate school.  I went through 2 years at a patriarchal, no-excuses charter. And now I’m finishing up at an organization where it was (for the most part) positive.  I went from teaching English Reading and Grammar to a self-contained middle school classroom to Humanities to Math.  MATH!

Every time I come here, I begin to just go in crazy random directions of reflection…

Right now though, I’m excited to share my first original math project that I’m going to introduce to my 6th-8th graders next week!!!! FINALLY!!!  I like it because it allows us to get excited about math history and provides a lot of entry points (I think), while also maintaining classroom management.  I was so excited about this I cranked it out in about 6 hours.

The URL is accessible, I already created a packet. The only other materials necessary are colors, paper, graph paper, rulers, compasses, calculators… which I know sounds like a lot but it actually isn’t that bad because different students can use different materials at different times.

If you feel like taking a look and giving me feedback, go to




(Teacher note: I think for 6th graders, I’ll sort of look and see. The start is a bit dry, and maybe it would be better just to start with the artsy Wheel of Theodorus).


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